Top 10: सिर्फ भारतीय लोग ही कर सकते है, अमेरिकन लोग नहीं| Indians do easily but Americans can’t

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If you are an Indian then you know that India is a folk tantric country. In which you are completely free, but not all of these outside India can be. Because most countries of the world have to follow the rules. So today one of them will compare America with India that there are many things that Indian people can do but American people can not.
So 10 things that you can do in India but can not do in the US.

Noise in Movie Theater:
It is a pleasure for us because we are happy and joyful people, even though the film is boring, the Indian people know how to enjoy that bur ranging film with friends and you will do it without saying anything. Shouting is one thing in Indian cinemas, but if you do this in America, you will pull out.
Secondly, the glory of Indian culture, we live with our parents:

Even after the age of 18, we do not leave our parents, no matter how social pressure is, we always keep our families together. But the countries of Western culture never do this. Those people live a private life and just give confession to their parents. But Indian parents dream for the lives of their children.

Marriage decided by parents:
Some people would say that Love Marriage is better than Arrange Merry, but more divorces are in love marriage. There are fewer countries where marriage is held with the boy or girl, which is preferred by the parents, and this tradition is centuries old. But the American people do love marriage, but there is nothing wrong with that too.

Almost every month National Holiday:
Do not be surprised to know that according to the study done by "Mercer LLC Mercer LLC", India has the highest National Holiday. Many religions and their different festivals celebrate us together, without any differences, which is a very good thing. And after counting the festival, we get a lot of time. But the American people crave for the holiday.

Eating With hands:
Indian people like to eat with their own hands. But they eat some spoons, forks, knives, napkins, etc. while eating them. So the way they eat, we can also eat it but they can not eat the way we eat.

Master in Overloading:
Regardless of the rules, however, Indian people care more about their family than themselves. And, of course, only Indian men can do this. And when it comes to overload, we can sit at least 5 6 people on our bike, look here is not a matter of compulsion but rather a good art, for which you should have a great talent and concentration.

Give free advice to anyone:
Indian people are very prominent in offering free advice to the people, sometimes we also like to advise some unknown person. And the best advice is given when the Indian team is playing cricket. People are sitting sitting there recommending that you have seen many times doing so, doing so that it was not to send him, that was to say such a death. But in reality it inspires everyone and there is no fun playing cricket without unnecessary advice. Americans who do not.

Spicy and spicy food:
Indian women can make spicy food in a very short time. The god of Indian homes, that is, mother, makes delicious food, which you can not compare to any 5 star hotel. But the American woman, in which most women do not even have tea till one age, the point of making food is far away.

Riski player:
The American people can not do that work without security, without security. If the electricity pole is to be done and any work has to be done then Indians can do it easily but they do not even dream of that.

The whole world should learn bargaining from the Indian people, especially in the women too. You can see the highest bargaining in India compared to the rest of the world. Bargaining is coming down near most vegetables but in some big cities. In front of you, take a fixed price in America, take it.

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