Sexy Cameron Dallas Shapeshifting Into Bullshit

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Fangirls of Alpha Draconians, that look like hot human males, are sheeple.

To be fair. fanboys of Alpha Draconians, that look like hot human females, are sheeple as well.

See, the Anunnaki are avian-like Reptilians. They can make themselves look human. The evil Freemasons worship an evil Reptilian named Lucifer.

There are evil subliminal messages near that alien.

He's near an albino alligator. There's an Illuminati card called 'Albino Alligators.' Reptilian symbolism.

That manga girl was masturbating when gazing upon handsome sexy makes you horny Cameron Dallas until she saw what he truly was, an ugly Reptilian.

Then she got up in horror looking at Cameron the ugly Alpha Draconian.

The Skeksis head I put on Cameron's head on another video is based on a king vulture's head.

Avian-like Reptilians look like shit.

In the 'They Live' movie, the blue aliens were exposed because the hero, Nada, destroyed the signal. In the end of the movie, mainstream news brainwashing hosts were exposed as aliens. A man said they look like shit.

She is a sheeple because she is part sheep. She has wool and sheep ears.

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