Cob Style Rocket Mass Heaters Intro with Celebrity Appearance by Willie Smits!

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http://richsoil.com/heat In this introduction to cob style rocket mass heaters, Paul, Erica and Ernie show you just what a bunch of goofballs they are. As they explain the process of gathering people to build a rocket mass heater, they share a lot of laughs and some great advice.

They talk about the format of their formal workshop which begins around dusk on Friday with a fire science demonstration and discussion. Saturday is dedicated to design in the morning and then building the rocket mass heater for the remainder of the day. By Sunday at 2pm the only thing left to do is add the finishing touches which can only be done once the cob has fully dried. The core of the stove is done and can at this point, be lit and used. Plastering will have to be done later as the cob dries.

We get a little peek into the fun antics that go on at such events as people sing, dance, play and generally goof off. Cob is so cool!

Paul talks about wanting to have the most boring and basic rocket mass heater and Ernie points out that the whole thing worked perfectly... up to one specific point in the exhaust. They have a good laugh about their troubles in fitting this heater in the wofati, while recognizing that in the end, it does work quite well and has been used for 2 years no with little to no trouble.

The heater was built in 2014 and has performed well once some of the kinks were worked out. In the world of rocket mass heater builds, difficulties and hang-ups are referred to as "adventures". It takes a group of kind-hearted and patient people to work together on a project such as this. They are all laughing and having fun.

Paul then talks about the appearance of Willie Smits at the event. Willie has taken some of what he learned at the event and used it where he works in Borneo to aid in the processing of sugar. Watch Erica's face when she hears what Willie is up to. Keep an eye out for Willie in the videos.

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