Club Penguin Island Aunt Arctic's Adventures #2 ☺☺ ( Hatching A Plan / Mirror Mirror )

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The adventure starts with Aunt Arctic explaining that she has found a riddle relating to a gold starfish, and that is the best lead to opening the Lighthouse's hatch. The riddle is:

"Find the golden statue by the sea
Inside it lies a kind of key
The secret of the starfish gold
Was hidden here in days of old"

The "golden statue" is the jackhammer statue in the middle of the Boardwalk, between the Welcome Plaza and Foodtrekker. After lifting the statue, it reveals another riddle:

"Without using words
The gold starfish you'll call
Say it with pictures
Atop the waterfall"

"Atop the waterfall" refers to the waterfall at the Coconut Cove. After going to Coconut Cove and jumping up to the top of the waterfall, the player must use the starfish emoji. A golden starfish then rises from the water, and starts flying around. The player must give chase after its trail, which disappears near the entrance to The Sea Caves. Aunt Arctic informs that the player must use the starfish emoji again, and after doing so, the gold starfish reappears, and can be obtained. Aunt Arctic then orders the player to return to the Lighthouse and insert the starfish in the hatch, which successfully opens it. However, the bulb and mirror inside are both badly damaged. Aunt Arctic has an idea for how to replace the bulb, and orders the player to go to the Sea Caves.

Upon arriving, Aunt Arctic mentions reports that crystals form in the throne room in the caves. After swimming down to the throne room, there is a large yellow crystal shaped like a lightbulb, which the player must pick up and return to the Lighthouse, and insert inside. After doing so Aunt Arctic thanks the player but informs glass is still needed to repair the mirror. The player then receives the Starfish Chain unique item, the blueprint for the Diving Helmet, 50 coins, and 80 green XP.

The adventure starts with Aunt Arctic thanking the player for their endeavors so far, but mentions that a mirror is still needed to focus the beam from the light of the glowing crystal, and Rockhopper is offering to help make a mirror. After talking to him, he says that he can make a mirror, but needs sea glass, and offers a squid tentacle he was "saving for lunch" to use to fish it up from the bay, as the tentacle will stick to the glass. The player must go to the nearby fishing dock and fish up three pieces. The first two pieces are caught fine, but while trying to catch the third piece, the player instead reels in seaweed. A crab then swims by, tauntingly holding up a piece of sea glass. Rockhopper says it stole the glass, and tells the player to seek Aunt Arctic's help.

After talking to Aunt Arctic, she mentions crabs are usually only in the Sea Caves, and gives the player a Crab Disguise, made by a "brilliant disguise gal" she knows, to infiltrate their den and retrieve the glass. After putting the disguise on through the closet, Aunt Arctic claims that through her research, she discovered that crabs speak in emojis and claw clicking, and that they respect royalty, so using an emoji with a crown on it will fool them. She then orders the player to head to their den in the Sea Caves.

After swimming to the end of the den while wearing the disguise, the crabs appear to be guarding the glass. The player must then use an emoji with a crown, which scares them off, and they drop the glass. The glass then must be brought back to Rockhopper, who commends the player for outsmarting the crabs, and says he will get to work on polishing the glass to make a mirror. The player then receives a set of 6 emojis, 50 coins, and 90 green XP.


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